2020 AGM Shop report

The shop has continued to trade successfully during the year, providing compost, fertilizers, canes, netting etc. at favourable rates in comparison with commercial outlets and making a significant contribution to the overall finances of the Gunsite section. Turnover was similar to the previous years. Covid restrictions necessitated cessation of the previous arrangements for Sunday opening: goods must now be ordered on line before Friday evening and paid for using PayPal. Members are then given a time slot to collect their goods on Sunday mornings. This arrangement, which is in line with advice from the National Allotment Society, has worked smoothly, thanks to Rosemary Danielen (who handles the orders) and Gavin Hamilton (who set up the ordering system), and is more efficient in that if there are only a small number of customers, the containers can be locked up once the last collection has been made, thus freeing up Philip’s and William’s time. There have been no adverse comments. It is therefore intended that this arrangement will continue once Covid restrictions have been lifted.

Arrival of seasonal goods (e.g. potatoes) will be announced via the web site and on the shop notice board. In order to avoid waste, we are ordering fewer potatoes for 2021 so early placement of orders is advised.’

William Marshall