AGM 2019 Chair’s report

Chair Report by Armorel Watson

17th November 2019

I hope that you all appreciate the hard work that the members of the Committee and Volunteers carry out at the Gunsite Allotments to enable a smooth running of our Community (for that’s what we are). We are one of 3 under the CDAS (Camberwell and District Allotment Society).

I attended the CDAS Meeting on the 19th January 2019 to give my report. We need to stress the importance of attendance at the CDAS AGM because we depend on CDAS to negotiate with the Dulwich Estate over rents, trees, potholes, fences and our terms of reference. It holds considerable funds with agreement to policies for the use of these funds.
We also depend on CDAS to handle our insurance policy, which affects all members, but especially the Committee members; this policy will be reviewed in January 2020.

Adrian Hill has been an active Chairman of CDAS for many years and is coming up for retirement; unless he has found a replacement, the post will become vacant. To fill it, someone with a legal background and good negotiating skills, for dealing with the Dulwich Estate, is urgently sought.

Concerning our Gunsite Allotments: there is a great deal of responsibility for the 200 or so allotment holders here to keep moving forward. As you will hear from the Reports today, given by those contributing to the management of our Allotment, there have been various difficulties encountered over the past year. Hopefully, you will understand the changes we aim to attain to remedy these, preventing similar situations arising in the future. To achieve these, we need the help of all of you present today.

I hope we will move quickly and decisively through this Agenda.
We have had two members on the committee retire this year (Nina Walsh and Lucy Lloyd Davies); I offer them thanks for their dedicated efforts on our behalf. As a result, I hope to welcome two new members; this will be dealt with in section 13.