Tenancy Agreement



Allotment holders are members of the Camberwell and District Allotment Society (“The Society”) and the Gunsite section (“The Section”) and must obey the following rules:

  1. Plots may only be used for amateur gardening and not for profit. Plot holders may be required to assist with the maintenance of the whole site.

2. Members are responsible for reporting all changes to contact details to gsallotments@gmail.com

3. Members are bound by the Lease between Dulwich Estate and the Society, a copy of which is kept in the shop. Clause 8, which plot holders should read, limits the size of any structure. Plot holders should consult the Section Committee if there is any possibility that a structure might not be acceptable within the terms of the Lease.

4. Plots may only be allocated by The Site Officers. A refundable deposit of £10 per rod must be paid initially towards the fund to cover any future restoration of the plot.

5. A plot holder can terminate a tenancy at any time by talking to their Site Officer; no refund of rent will be given but the deposit will be returned if the plot is in a good condition.

6. Plot holders may not transfer their tenancy to a friend, family member or fellow plot holder. Where shared tenancies have been issued and one member wishes to stand down, the tenancy will only revert to the remaining member as sole plot holder if the membership has been in place for at least two years. No deposit refund will be given.

7. The Committee may terminate the tenancy of a plot when the rent is in arrears by 28 days or the holder is in breach of the tenancy agreement.

8. The Section Committee shall consider and give a ruling on any dispute, with a right of appeal to the Society’s Committee within 28 days from the date of notification to terminate.

9. Without prejudice to the Public Liability insurance taken out by the Society, the members shall indemnify the Society and the Section for any loss or damage a member may sustain and against all claims in respect of injury, loss of life or property sustained in consequence of the use of the allotment.

10. An adult must supervise children at all times.

11 No soil may be removed from the site. No rubbish to be brought onto site for disposal.

12. No livestock may be kept on the allotments.

13. Water tanks must be left filled.

14. The car park is for plot holders only. The gate must be locked at all times outside shop opening times.

15. All hoses must be fitted with self-closing trigger mechanisms, used for no more than 30 minutes at a time and must be continuously held by hand.

16. Bonfires may be lit after midday and must be extinguished before the member leaves.

17. No annoyance to other plot holders is allowed:
A) Dogs must always be on a lead.
B) No strimmers, rotivators or mowers may be used between midday and 3pm except by individuals authorised by the Site Officers.
C) No radios may be used except with headphones.

18. Members must keep their plots in good condition, productive and free of weeds and:
A) No rubbish or disintegrating plastics shall be left on plots or the site except at agreed disposal points
B) Paths must be maintained and kept free of obstruction, including cleared weeds
C) Path edges must be cut regularly leaving paths not less than 75cm (30in) wide
D) No post, structure or tall plants shall be placed within 30cm (1ft) of the paths
E) Only fruit trees are allowed and should be limited to 8ft high throughout the year
F) Ditches shall be kept free running in line with the site drainage plan