2020 AGM Email policy

Gunsite Allotment Email Policy – July 2020

Email is undoubtedly an indispensable tool to facilitate communication. However, misuse can result in legal trouble, recurring harm, and security breaches.
Clear guidelines about email practice must establish what is appropriate and what is unacceptable or ill-advised.

1  All emails to plot holders should be sent out by the person running the system (the Email Manager) or, in their absence, their deputy.

2  All emails should be sent out centrally to prevent misuse of the system.

3  All emails should be sent out with the sender’s name and position eg The Committee, Jane Doe – Chairman, Joe Bloggs – Site Officer.

4  The emails should be checked for spelling and grammatical errors and the Email Manager should make those minor corrections.

5  The tone of the email should be friendly and in a tone which is not open to misinterpretation.

6  Should the tone or content or other aspect be inappropriate in any way, the Email Manager should ask the author to amend the text.

7  Only the Site Officers, the Treasurer and the Secretary can send emails to the Email Manager to distribute without running them past the Chair first. All other emails, apart from sales no-ces from the Shop, must be approved by the Chair first, or by a Site Officer in the absence of the Chair and Deputy Chair.

8  All emails should always be blind copied (BCC) to the recipients – plot holders or commiGee members.

9  Emails may not be used to harass or make threats, nor be offensive or disruptive in nature or use unacceptable language.