AGM 2019 Tenancy agreement – proposed changes

Gunsite AGM – Agenda item 8 – Ratification of changes to the Tenancy Agreement

Three changes have been made to the Tenancy Agreement by the committee during the past year but these need to be ratified by the AGM. They are as follows:

1. Tenancy Agreement section 6

Currently reads: Plot holders may not transfer their tenancy to a friend, family member or fellow plot holder. Where shared tenancies have been issued and one
member wishes to stand down, the tenancy will
only revert to the remaining member as sole plot holder if the membership has been in place for at least two years.

The committee has agreed to change this to 5 years. The reason being that the waiting list gets ever longer + we want to make sure that people at the top of the waiting list have a fair chance of getting any vacant plot. And to avoid the situation where someone can jump the queue, so to speak, by becoming a joint tenant.

This situation doesn’t often arise, as most plots are taken on by two people from the outset. The five year period obviously doesn’t apply when the plot has been let for less than 5 years.

2. Tenancy Agreement Section 18

This section of the Tenancy Agreement is what the annual inspection looks at.

A. No rubbish shall be left on plots or the site except at agreed disposal Points.

The committee has agreed to add ‘or disintegrating plastics’ in here. The damaging effect of plastic was discussed at last year’s AGM where it was agreed that the committee would include wording about responsible use of plastics in the Tenancy Agreement.

C. Path edges must be cut regularly leaving paths not less than 75cm (30in) wide.

So as to make it clear that it’s the overhanging grass around plots which must be trimmed, it’s suggested that this section is expanded to:page1image66102848page1image66107648page1image66098432page1image66099392

‘Grass overhanging ditches around plots must be trimmed regularly, using shears or strimmers. Turf must not be sliced off and paths must measure at least 75cm in width’.