Chairman’s Report 2017

Gunsite AGM 5 Nov 2017 Chairman’s Report

The main achievement of the year has been the successful implementation of the Drainage Plan. Everyone has dug their ditches, the JCB has cut out the larger swales, and there has been no water-logging on plots and paths. We are grateful to all plot-holders for their cooperation, and especially to David Stacey and Alex Hamilton for drawing up the Plan in March 2016.

The annual Inspection ensured the success of the Plan, and showed the generally high standard of cultivation. We thank Jane Taylor, Petra Curtis and Nelly Tee for carrying out so thoroughly what was a difficult and lengthy Inspection. We have decided next year to group together the requirements of the Inspection in a revised Tenancy Agreement (to be discussed at this AGM) and to produce a standard pro- forma of the results for all plot-holders about their individual plots, to save time for everyone. Please read your revised Tenancy Agreement and act upon it, and if there are problems, let us know early.

This AGM sees the retirement of Nelly Tee as Site Officer, aUer nearly 40 years. It is impossible to find the words to pay adequate tribute to her achievement. She has done everything that had to be done, and needed to be done, in effect being at various times Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Rent Collector and Inspector as well as Site Officer. She has organised and maintained the water supply, the mowing and maintenance of paths, the skip, the deliveries of manure, the disposal of wood and scrap metal, the leasing of plots. All this, and for four decades in all weathers and for thousands of plot-holders with tact and diplomacy. It has been quite extraordinary and selfless dedication to us all.

When she first started, the rents were not being properly collected and there was prejudice against her because she was a woman. As she retires, look around you to see what she has achieved by being a constant, helpful presence and by gathering around her capable and similarly public-spirited people. Her example has been the inspiration which has made Gunsite what it is today.

At this AGM, we are also changing the Chairman, Secretary and members of the Commi]ee and I would encourage you all to think about what you can do to help the Gunsite community either by serving as an officer, or on the Committee or in any usefully you can think of.

Finally I should like to thank everyone who has helped make Gunsite the very special place that it is.


Philip Milner, Chairman 8 October 2017