Inspectors’ Report May 2017


The Inspectors walked the entire site on Tuesday 30th May. It took 3 and a half hours this year, a little longer than normal mainly as we were looking particularly at the progress everyone was making in respect of the drainage scheme that was introduced 18 months ago. The adoption of the drainage scheme and failure to comply resulting in not renewing tenancies, was agreed by the Committee and then approved at the AGM.

In the main, most plot holders have embraced the scheme and installed the pipes under the lateral paths and also dug out all necessary ditches. For that we will all be grateful in the wet months that are sure to come; maybe not this year but almost certainly in the near future.

Those who failed this aspect of the inspection have received emails explaining what to do and the consequences of not complying.

A number of plot holders failed other aspects of the inspection and these too have received emails.

For some plot holders, a letter has been sent. These were mainly because of a breach of Rule 1 of the Tenancy Agreement but not exclusively.

This year, 61 plot holders have been contacted, mainly because of drainage issues, but again not exclusively.

A copy of the Tenancy Agreement can be found on the notice board next to the shop.

Plot holders will have until the beginning of August to address and remedy the various aspects highlighted by the Inspectors. The consequence of failing the second inspection may result in their tenancy being terminated.

Those plot holders who have received a letter terminating their tenancy have until 9 July to vacate their plot.

The Chairman, Philip Milner, will be at the shop on Sundays if anyone wishes to discuss any aspect of the inspection.

Philip has already received emails from plot holders who needed confirmation of the next steps required and some plot holders have notified the Inspectors that they have already carried out the necessary work. Thank you to all those plot holders.

The Gunsite Allotments have very few rules and we want to keep it that way. If everyone abides by them the Inspectors job would be easier and less time consuming.  We have over 300 plots. Thank goodness not everyone fails the inspection!

We all enjoy the special place that are Gunsite Allotments and we are all responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the site. Anyone wanting to get more involved should contact Philip Milner or leave him a message with your details, at the shop.

Many, many thanks to all of you who keep your plots in good condition.

Happy Future Allotmenteering!

The Inspectors